Bohemian theme home decor 2022

Bohemian theme home decor 2022

Bohemian style is a celebration of individuality and freedom from convention. It’s an eclectic mix of patterns, colors and textures that reflects the free-spirited nature of those who choose to live this lifestyle. What it isn’t is boring or bland. If you are looking for an interior design style that expresses your own unique personality, then boho chic might be right up your alley!

The Bohemian style date back to the 19th century, when artists and writers forsook conventional norms and lived unconventional lifestyles.

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They lived in communes or traveled from city to city, finding inspiration from nature and incorporating it into their work. The artistic movement was not only influenced by its members' shared views on art but also by their distinct styles of dress.

Bohemian décor and furnishings are known for their free-spirited, colorful look. Features of this style include

  • The use of handmade or handcrafted items in decorating the home
  • Ethnic accents such as tribal art, African masks and artifacts

Although boho is technically a niche within the bohemian style that emphasizes “hippy” elements such as tie-dye fabrics, feathers, peace signs and other psychedelic motifs, I won't be talking about this here because it's not really my thing (and I don't want to get too hippy on you).

Colors are especially important in Bohemian interior design. If you’re looking to incorporate ethnic accents into a room’s décor, start with a brightly colored rug or blanket.

It’s also important to use color to add personality and create a mood in your home. For example, if you happen to be more adventurous than others and like taking risks with new things, consider incorporating shades like red and orange into your interior design scheme—they will help set the tone for an exciting atmosphere!

However, keep in mind that personal taste will always have something to do with how much attention is paid towards creating an inviting space; so if you prefer neutral tones such as browns and grays (or even whites), this should not stop anyone from creating their own Bohemian-inspired living area!

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Mixing patterns is another important component of the Bohemian style. While you don’t want your room looking like a patchwork quilt, an eclectic mix of patterns can create a bohemian flair in any space.

Some people have trouble incorporating too many different styles into their home décor. You might wonder how to achieve a modern look without going overboard on geometric shapes or using only pastel colors. Others may find it hard to incorporate traditional elements into their home without making everything feel stodgy and old-fashioned. And still others have difficulty pairing rustic accents with modern furniture pieces without creating a clash between styles that doesn't fit with either theme individually or together as one cohesive look for each room within the house!

Boho chic expresses individualism and freedom from convention

The word "bohemian" comes from the French word for "Bohemia," which refers to a region in the Czech Republic and was used by 19th-century French artists who lived there. Bohemian style is characterized by its eclecticism, which means it combines different styles and influences from many different cultures. The aesthetic that soon became known as bohemian began with a rejection of the conventions of traditional society in favor of individuality, creativity, freedom of expression and often poverty or nomadic existence. In the early 20th century, this was directly tied to those who rejected modernity's materialism and conformity in favor of spirituality or rebellion against authority—the original counterculture!

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The best way to add boho chic decor into your home? Transform an unused corner into your favorite spot for reading books or watching TV with friends. Replace boring furniture with oversized beanbag chairs covered in colorful cushions; hang up some dream catchers above them; add in some vintage wallpaper wall art (I love these!) over the couch area if you want another layer of texture on top of those dream catchers; then add an end table nearby filled with candles so you can keep things nice & cozy when it gets dark outside but still want that cozy feeling inside too - this would work great underneath windows where natural light hits during daytime hours so we don't need artificial lighting at night when everyone wants time together after working all day long during weekdays :)

 There is so much to see in the home decor 2022. You can expect there to be more pillows, blankets, and tapestries than ever before. With their soft colors and bohemian vibes they are perfect for any room in your house!